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Gus McCrae

 Hello all, I was so happy to find a community for Comanche Moon! I never saw Lonesome Dove when I was younger, but I watched Comanche Moon with my dad and loved it. Call and McCrae were so funny, I fell in love with them instantly. (Not to mention I also love the actors.)
I have loved Karl Urban since Hercules and Steve Zahn since Saving Silverman. I've noticed most of you love Karl Urban, but I was hoping I could ask any of you to make an icon or two or three of Gus/Steve? I have no talent for making icons (as you may have noticed) and would love one of Gus that I could us. Any theme would be fine and I would love you forever!
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Interview with Wes Studi...

Here's a short TV Guide interview with Wes Studi who portrayed the Comanche leader "Buffalo Hump" in Comanche Moon.

"Comanche Moon's Wes Studi on Playing a Native American Icon

With roles in Dances with Wolves, The Last of the Mohicans and HBO's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Wes Studi is a familiar face to fans of historical dramas. Tonight, the accomplished Cherokee character actor continues his hard-nosed portrayal of Comanche leader Buffalo Hump in Part 2 of Comanche Moon (9 pm/ET, CBS; it concludes tomorrow), the Lonesome Dove prequel that traces the early years of Dove protagonists Woodrow Call and Gus McCrae.

TV Guide: You've appeared in many films about the struggles of Native Americans. What draws you to them?
Wes Studi: I like the point of conflict, when people finally come to the point [where] they have nothing else they can do but fight. It happened in just about every one of the roles that I've played. There is quite the adrenaline rush with that.

TV Guide: Were you a fan of the original Lonesome Dove miniseries?
Studi: I was. As far as television Westerns are concerned, that is the standard. And once this one airs, I will have been in both the prequel and the sequel [Streets of Laredo]! I played [Kickapoo guide] Famous Shoes in Streets of Laredo.

TV Guide: Tonight, your character Buffalo Hump leads a spectacular raid against the town of Austin. What was his motivation?
Studi: I think that he was simply acting as you would expect someone to act when [people] are moving in on his land. Americans were moving into the area of Texas, what he considered his country.

TV Guide: Did you do much research for the role?
Studi: As much as needed, but... we as Indians know who [Buffalo Hump] was, more or less. He's part of our history. The thing about Buffalo Hump is that his name really doesn't have the meaning that it conveys whenever it's translated. It has much more to do with his sexual prowess. That's fact among Comanches. [Laughs]"


Welcome to the new Lonesome Dove: Comanche Moon fan community!

This community is for fans of the latest mini-series as well as those of the books and previous mini-series.

Some of the actors on the latest series include Steve Zahn, Karl Urban, Val Kilmer, and Elizabeth Banks. I’ll try to get a complete list with the characters’ names soon.

All things welcome…fanfiction, pictures, icons, links, information, discussions, and questions about the series, its characters, and the actors and actresses who portray them.

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