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So. I've got a question!

I've been meaning to watch both Lonesome Dove and Comanche Moon forever (never seen either before), but which is better to watch first? Lonesome Dove came out way before Comanche Moon, but isn't Comanche Moon a prequel? *never knows whether to read/watch things chronologically or in the order they were made*

Opinions?! Thanks~!
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Karl Urban interview about Comanche Moon and Star Trek XI...

Here's part of an interview with Karl Urban (Woodrow Call) that I found at http://uk.tv.ign.com/articles/844/844578p2.html.

Karl Urban: From Comanche Moon to Star Trek by Eric Goldman

IGN TV: Before you began work on Comanche Moon did you re-watch the Lonesome Dove miniseries and look to previous performances for inspiration or did you set that aside?

Urban: We did watch Lonesome Dove. I didn't endlessly pour over it. I think it's really important not to do some sort of carbon copy or facsimile of what another actor's interpretation of the role is. You know, physically I wanted the character to look like a younger version of what Tommy Lee had done, but beyond that my main point of reference was really the script.
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